Charging Phone at Night Why You Should Stay Away?

Charging Your Phone at Night

Charging Your Phone at Night, you’ve already heard about many huge and dangerous accidents related to the charger of mobile phones or even the battery of the device that explodes in the users of these phones, which happen suddenly and without warning, and this is what happened with many brands of phones such as the Samsung Note series, which we heard about many of these cases For this reason.

every phone user must take precautions, caution, and prevention for his own safety and the safety of those around him and stay away from the danger of explosion and other problems such as fires, especially while sleeping, and leave the phone or device charging next to you for a continuous period.

You should stay away from charging the phone at night because it can lead to some problems that may affect the health of the battery and the health of the phone in general.

Charging Your Phone at Night
Charging Your Phone at Night

Charging Your Phone at Night, here are some of the reasons:

  • Overheating: When charging the phone, heat is generated, and this affects the battery and may cause damage to it. If the phone is charged at night and left on the charger for a long time, the temperature of the battery can increase and lead to damage.
  • Possibility of accidents: Accidents such as fire may occur as a result of charging the phone at night if the charger or cable is damaged or unsafe.
  • Effect of overcharging: Overcharging may occur if the phone is left on the charger for a long time and this leads to damage to the battery and reduces its lifespan.
  • Effect on sleep: If you use your phone as an alarm clock in the morning, charging it at night can affect your sleep due to the blue lights that the phone emits, which is a natural stimulant to the brain. Therefore, it is better to charge the phone during the day and only when needed, and to avoid leaving it on the charger for long periods. Safe wireless chargers can also be used to avoid these problems and keep the phone and battery healthy.

Before starting to address this topic regarding the causes of accidents during the charging process at any time and publishing it with you, it is necessary to agree on a point that plays a very important role and that is the manufacturer of this device because it differs. From one company to another, the quality and poor quality of the battery that comes with the phone.

For example: Apple manufactures iPhones with batteries that are completely different from other companies, such as Chinese companies, and this indicates that the risks of battery explosions vary according to the manufacturing quality of this company.

  • The First reason: is that you can actually skip and completely and completely stay away from charging your phone while you sleep during the night period first, and as mentioned earlier, the quality of the batteries integrated with the phone has a big role in these explosions from these mobile devices, as confirmed to us, “Edu Campos” spokesperson for Ato said that smart devices contain smart chips that protect the phone or device from overcharging or overcharging if it exceeds 100 percent. Online videos.
  • The second reason: is related to the place where the phone is placed during the charging process, as many experts advise us to leave it in a place where the temperature is stable or moderate and not high. flammable.
  • The third reason: is related to the quality of the charger as a whole, starting from the charging case to its wire, so the original charger or another charger similar to it must be used, because if the charger is of poor quality, then it certainly will not carry a lot of energy to pass through the device, so we find that the degree of Its temperature is high during charging and may lead to its explosion over time.

Learn more about charging phones at night.

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