Dog Training Ultrasonic Equipment Anti Barking With LED Flashlight

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  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Ultrasound design: based on the theory that ultrasound, the dog trainer can effectively train your dogs to be obedient and stop some unwanted behaviors, such as barking, chewing, digging and more.
  • Wide application: Perfect for training various dogs, such as pets, dogs in police , Collie, Border Collie, shepherd dog, etc.
  • Easy to operate: first open the battery cover and then put 1 piece 9V battery (not included), the sound is audible only to pets, finally turn on the switch and it can work well, also they can serve as a flashlight when necessary.
  • Multi-functions: except as a pet training tool, it also can prevent you from dog attacks, suitable for outdoor work, travel and security night patrol.


  • Material:ABS
  • Optional Colors: Black,Yellow
  • Power By: 9V battery (Not included)
  • Size:See the picture

The following conditions do not drive dogs well:

  • The dog you own, because it knows that the owner will not hurt it.
  • Noisy environment, such as downtown or roadside.
  • Dogs with the owner-dog-dominant; trained large dogs-well-trained.
  • When the battery voltage is too low-the transmit power is low.


  • It is best not to deliberately tease the dog with the dog drive, because it is not surprising that the dog listens more. When the light in the dog drive is obviously dim, replace the battery in time.
  • The effect is better when using alkaline batteries. After a comparative test with special instruments, the ultrasonic output power and efficiency of this product have been the best among similar products. Due to the current power limitation of the ultrasonic head, if the output power is further provided, the ultrasonic head will be damaged quickly. Only in the future will a high-power ultrasonic head be developed (there is no higher ultrasonic transmitting head before the world).

Package Included:

  • 1 x Pet Dog Repeller

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Is Smart Device


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52 reviews for Dog Training Ultrasonic Equipment Anti Barking With LED Flashlight

  1. O***a

    The dogs haven’t been tried yet, but the cat ran right under the couch. Even as she saw it in her hand, she began to run away. If you bring to the ear, you can hear a very unpleasant sound. Shipping fast.

  2. V***o

    I took myself from another seller, from a neighbor’s dog works. This one took a friend, she does not know how

  3. s***s

    Pugach came whole without a battery put his everything works. PS in the battery compartment, the battery comes with a flesh. Thank you.

  4. N***a

    The goods are super, came quickly for 2 weeks, everything works, thank you very much to the seller!!!

  5. B***l

    Tested and recommended for aggressive dogs, very good product dogs run away by pointing this at them.

  6. E***a

    Ordered 14.09,-received 9.10… to Ukraine. I came without a battery, because I can not estimate 100% unfortunately. I did not communicate with the seller.

  7. V***v

    Works, dogs run away

  8. N***t

    Looks good – but not yet tested if works.
    Price is OK.
    SLOW delivery.

  9. L***o


  10. m***e

    The Post ask me 9euros for this article I hesitate to buy again on this site

  11. N***c

    Product was ordered on 20/09/2021, delivered to me today on 20/10/2021. All praise to the seller, rating 5+.

  12. v***n

    The goods came quickly. There are small slots from the assembly. The battery is installed the liver tightly and the lid did not work. In general, everything works, the seller is happy.

  13. D***h

    It seems to work, dogs are scared

  14. A***v

    Put the battery down. Visually works. I did not check on dogs.

  15. a***n

    Need a battery for 9 watts. not everywhere to sell. I still did not buy how to buy a battery. I’ll add a tip.

  16. G***v

    Delivery took something about three weeks. Tested the goods-especially works well on aggressive dogs. At home is not so effective. So recommend!

  17. t***r

    Recommend, arrived super fast

  18. А***а

    For this device you need a battery “Krone”, in the kit it is not! I read comments bought in advance) I still have not tried on dogs. The cat hears, but does not run away, soon the dogs will run, I’ll check. I’ll add a review

  19. A***v

    It seems to work, while only cats at home are joking. Before Bashkiria received in two weeks. The design itself is very flimsy already at the first unpacking was half disassembled.

  20. A***k

    Good afternoon. It is a pity that there is no battery in the kit. I bought it separately, I checked everything works, only the flashlight button is very weak, I’m afraid so as not to fall out. I inserted the battery and the lid is very badly closed. Well, everything is fine, the main dog reacts.

  21. М***r

    Like everything works, but does the dogs scare off? My dog and cat were interested in them.

  22. N***v

    Whole. I came quickly. But my dogs don’t work. They’re not deaf. Did not see the effect

  23. A***o

    Dogs scare off. We order not the first time, for family.

  24. E***s

    No wonder or mosquito, a dog
    Will not power product

  25. R***r

    Poor quality, does not work, inside contacts for batteries on one side, on the other there are no contacts. Dont advise

  26. S***o

    It was not possible to experience, but it was hot, the front part fell off. Before that, I took the model more expensive on Ali-then it is noticeably better

  27. V***v

    On dogs did not check yet, but hamsters begin to fuss when turned on-it means it works.
    The flashlight is terrible: too weak to dazzle someone, but at the same time it flashes and attracts attention to you-very uncomfortable and palevno. If you are going to buy, choose without a flashlight.

  28. E***A

    It came without a battery (Crown). Function flashlight, training, Repeller. Everything works. Dogs react at a distance of up to 10 m.

  29. L***a

    It works!!

    The irresponsible neighbor’s dog who’s got it loose, ran out

    Understand, if it helps.

  30. S***k

    I can’t believe it. Without the battery came. By punching on the nosy dogs pratsyuya sharakhayyuyuyash yak Chort vid Ladan. I recommend to the night I will add a photo of the komentari Yak I will try on the breeds of dogs.

  31. S***n

    The goods came quickly. Everything works. Seller recommend.

  32. v***a

    It’s the second time I buy, this time it’s for my niece not to be followed by dogs when she’s cycling, it’s very good product and it works, dogs and Cats instantly listen to or rip

  33. N***n

    Delivery fast quality is normal but in the case I have not yet tested I will write an additional review after application

  34. G***r

    Sent quickly, and delivered much earlier. thank you!!!

  35. O***k

    Thanks for the fast delivery, the goods correspond to the description. Works fine.

  36. I***a

    Works in most cases, especially at night in silence. The Shavers run from a long distance.

  37. E***n

    спасибо. работает. проверил кратковременно на собаке, действительно боится , т.е функционально прибор подходит !!! хорошо !

  38. A***n

    As it does not work strangely, checked personally on several yard dogs, dogs just run away unclear looking, I hope to have the same effect on all animals. I will order more, came without a battery (Crown). I definitely recommend, I did not communicate with the seller

  39. 4***r

    Fast shipping. Works. yard dogs run

  40. C***k

    I didn’t try it. Hopefully working good.

  41. l***o

    Dog reacts. Cats No
    I bought a dog for education.
    As long as I understand.
    Crown battery.

  42. b***r

    Delivered quickly, well packed, in working condition. I’ll check the effect later.

  43. S***s

    The goods came, all the rules. Works on the battery “Krone”, in the kit it is not, I had to go buy. I installed the lantern works, how it works on the tank until I check for a bad one. The first position of the switch is a flashlight, the second one is a flashlight and a light sound crack (if it’s an ultrasound, it’s strange that I hear it), and the third

  44. J***r

    Not scaring dogs. And if you teach the dog to a positive or negative signal will be all the rules.

  45. M***a

    вставили батарейку крона, и всё работает.

  46. R***r

    Delivered all intact. They haven’t checked at work yet. But there was one. When turned on, all the dogs turned around, and looked straight into the soul 🙂

  47. g***l

    There’s a thing. I need a crown and then I can not check for performance.

  48. D***n

    Thank you for the thing. I hope to serve for a long time. In the meantime, it works. The parcel came quickly!

  49. A***c

    It works really good. Tested it on the dog and it worked.

  50. P***y

    Checked, works!

  51. e***i

    It arrived within a week. but the goods are full-ranging. I took for dressing my dog. she does not react to it at all.

  52. E***v

    The order came quickly. The quality is not very, the Switch Mode button sticks out as broken or not its own. The sound produces on two modes equally, very weak. Difference in modes only flashing light bulbs or constantly glowing. Until I tried it, because. Somewhere all the homeless dogs from the area are gone.

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